Legal experts in environmental matters


In order to achieve its goals to improve quality of environmental decisions and protect public interest in environmental decision-making, EELC has carried out and continues to carry out a number of projects with the support of different funds.

More information about the current and previous projects can be found below.

Current projects

NaturallyEST: Piloting Natura2000 communication in Estonia
Education and Awareness Raising of Legal Professionals on Access to Justice
Enhancing the EELC team’s negotiation skills
Newsletter on Environmental Law

Recent projects

Involvement of Society into Minerals Extraction Issues (2014-2016)

Guidelines for Public Participation (2014-2015)

Boosting EELC's advocacy and marketing (2014-2015)

Increasing Advocacy Capacities of Environmental NGOs in Forest Policy (2013-2014)

Enhancement of impact and visibility of EELC’s activities (2013-2014)

Comments to Environmental Code (2013-2014)

Guidelines for Making Discretionary Decisions (2013-2014)

Participation in Justice & Environment in 2013

Public Awareness of Environmental Law (2013)

Enhancement of advocacy capacity of EKO (2012-2013)

Guidelines for participation and legal aid (2012-2013)

Participatory planning model (2011-2012)

Water management plans in Croatia (2011-2012)

Series of lectures on environmental law (2011)

Increasing EELC Capacities for Advocacy (2010-2011)

Social Entrepreneurship (2010-2011)

Increasing Capacity of Local Governments (2010)

Access to Justice (2009-2010)

Analysis of the Construction of Large Objects (2009-2010)

Legal Aid and Case Studies (2008-2010)